What a year this has been.. Julie   and I started out by  moving out of place we called   home for 10 years... we  MADE many Happy memories   there... but there was  also some sadness as well...   because we lost both  of our Parents during these   years... But the time  had come to make new memories   and we had to move  out to make that happen... So we   moved to one of our  apartments in California City, California   along with our 2 little dogs Sparky  & Sunshine and a new edition to the family,   a friends dog named Mills... Little  did we know what Mills would bring to our life...   he had a terrible time adjusting to his  new home... he missed his daddy and uncle's so   much SO... that when you would leave  him he would chew everything up in sight including drywall and at every opportunity he  would run out of the apartment and we would have to chase him down... We never imagined  that a 2 month pet sitting job for a good friend would turn into 6 months. BUT in the end  Mills became apart of our family and it was hard to let him go when his daddy returned. Mills  taught us a Great lesson... that all you really need is LOVE to get you through the tough  times in life... that was a gift that didn't cost a thing... Miss u Millsy!    On to our Professional life... Me, personally: I left a job working in Hospice that I had for 10  years -- the same amount of time that we lived in our home. What a blow that was to me  emotionally. I have always been a caregiver: my mom was one. I took pride in always doing  the best job that I could. I got that trait from my mom. BUT I had to take a stand for our  company: JK Honeyman & ASSOCIATES and I don't regret making the decision to leave at  all. Lesson learned... when you give all you can to a job and the people running the  business don't value or respect you're work, it’s time to move on so I did. What I take from  that working experience is the memories of the people I've cared for over the years and  most of the people I worked with... one special lady that brought me to this job: Linda  Grimmett died in August of 2010 and I will always be thankful to her for always having my  back... I am dedicating one of the rooms in my new Congregate Living Health Facility, "Capri  in the Desert", to her and her memory!     Now I had the time to really focus on JK Honeyman & ASSOCIATES and our new project  “Capri in the Desert”. So I started working harder on our website and trying to do what I  could to help Julie who had been primarily the one who was pretty much running the  business on her own while I was working in Hospice. That was a big adjustment for both of  us because she's used to working on her own and has her own way of doing things and so  did I but we made it work. And learned a little more patience for each other so that was  another gift.... During this time we were heavily distracted trying to do all we could to help  Millsy, dad, Gregori J. Martin, a good friend of ours who is a VERY talented Producer,  Director-writer of an award winning Webseries: “THE BAY THE SERIES” to get sponsors,  locations,and anything we could do to help out... Many Actors and Actresses attached to this  project were people that my sister and I grew up watching on Daytime TV and idolizing with  our mom. It was a lot fun and very rewarding being a part of this family orientated show... in  front of and behind the scenes. BUT it was also a great deal of ADDED pressure to our  already pressure-filled life and something had to give, so with much heartfelt thought, we  knew we had to end our professional involvement with “THE BAY” But we will always be  supportive of everyone involved with this project especially Gregori and his LANY films  brothers: Derrell Whitt & Kristos Andrews, who have worked so very hard to give the fans of  this genre, a great show  to watch at the expense of their own personal lives. Cheers to you  LANY brothers and upon the stroke of midnight we will have a LANY sunshine blossom in  your honor. Good luck on your future projects!   People always ask us why did you name you're company JK Honeyman & ASSOCIATES?   It sounds like an attorney group. -- lol and not just JK Honeyman? Here's our answer:  because a company always needs its ASSOCIATES to become truly successful. We would  like to personally thank all of our ASSOCIATES who have helped us as well as “THE BAY  THE SERIES” this year. Here's a toast to all of you.   1.  Tatyana & Edvard & Steve Krivitsky  -- “California Villa” & “Park Ventura” and partners in “Capri in the Desert”   2.  Dr. Albert Roth  -- Transformational therapist and partner in “Capri in the Desert”   3. Regina Sterin “ABC Appliance Repair” partner in “Capri in the Desert”   4. Pinky from “Lifelink Home Health” providers who helped us license “Capri in the Desert”   5.  Alicia from “Home Living Health” providers for assisting us in licensing “Capri” and for helping to provide food and her resources in helping “THE BAY THE SERIES”   6.  Lancaster Fire Protection  AGENCY: Chad Brown  & Chris Ruanno for helping us get our fire clearance!   7. Department of Health services for licensing us   8. Jim Mckenna our sprinkler engineer from “Swanson Mechanical”   9.  Alla from “Valley Medical” for providing hospital beds and insurance help at “Capri” and also for providing medical equipment to “THE BAY THE SERIES” free of charge for the filming on their show this season 10. “Pars Fine Persian Cuisine” for providing food to our board and care Associates and business Associates as well as providing food for “THE BAY THE SERIES” free of charge 11. “International Bakery” in Glendale for providing food to “THE BAY THE SERIES” free of charge 11. Mark, Joan and Gail from the Villa for allowing “THE BAY THE SERIES” to shoot Season 2 on the grounds of their beautiful Assisted Living Community 12. Vahe Ter Zakarian for coming through at the last moment and allowing “THE BAY THE SERIES” to shoot some scenes at his office building and also for being very helpful to Gregori J. Martin 13. Sally Bode our dear friend who has done so many things for us, I can't list them all 14. To all our staff at “Capri in the Desert” for sticking with us .. 15. Maria Gomez for referring JK Honeyman & ASSOCIATES to “Pacifica Hospital” for a Consulting Opportunity 16. Mike Hourmossi for being like the brother we never had and for leasing us one of your homes for our latest project “Sorrento”... 17. Nira & Sam from “Encino Care Pharmacy” partner in our latest project and for allowing JK Honeyman to consult for your Pharmacy! 18. Gregori J. Martin and The Cast of “THE BAY THE SERIES” for you're special shoutouts to JK Honeyman & ASSOCIATES for our Sponsorship of Season 1 and for our continued help with resources in Season 2! 19.  Lena and staff, for allowing Gregori J. Martin and the producers of “THE BAY THE SERIES” to conduct a producer meeting at one of her facilities                      And finally THANK YOU to   all of the Board   Cares and Assisted Living   Communities that  JK has worked with this year.   There are just too  many to list, but we would like to   give a few special  shout outs to Annabelle, Maggie and Sam!   Lastly we like to thank our real life family...   our nephew Alex and his beautiful  family: Brittany, Maddox and Cali for taking the   time to come visit us and take us out  for one our  most special days of the year -- a trip   to Universal Studios Hollywood...  where we got to spend some quality family time. Thanks to our Nephew Ben for coming out  of his way to see us in The Bay Area for our friend Marie’s wedding and bringing our  beautiful niece ZOE to see us. That was another highlight of our year... To our Nephew  Victor, who came to spend time with us in Arizona after his first National Children's Musical  theater tour of “Beauty and BEAST”.  What a Grand time we had! We are so very proud of  him and his accomplishments. He truly is a special young man who we affectionately call  “The Diva!” and to the rest of our clan who we haven't had the pleasure of spending time  with -- we love and miss you all and hope that the NEW Year brings us all back together  again!   We would like to wish everyone a Happy & Healthy and Prosperous New Year!                                        Love,                        Kathy & Julie Honeyman